Welcome Brainfock product blog

Hey there, thanks for coming!

I began building Brainfock for myself on local sandbox for personal use, and, as it happens with all passionate developers, I found myself spending more and more weekends on this project. It did not took long to realize it has to go open source, although getting to actual public release is a milestone yet to be conquered.

This blog will be covering important updates on Brainfock development process, releases and other happy news. I look forward to be sharing real experience and, of course, to grow team as we move on with the process.

So what is Brainfock? It’s a web-based tool to plan & manage projects, deals and all kinds of tasks in collaboration with team, or clients. As a developer I’m looking to build a product that will allow to manage any kind of tasks for individual users as well as small and medium businesses: from writing books to closing sales deals.

Current features:

  • Workspaces, Projects, Planning & Milestones, Tickets
  • Built-it discussion boards (per project, workspace etc)
  • Localization & i18n
  • Plugin system & modules system for backend and for web-client
  • Powerful user action events system
  • User Notification & Notification delivery systems
  • Customizable issue types
  • Intuitive interface
  • Backbone.js/Marionette-powered Web-client
Workspace projects (WIP)
Workspace projects (WIP)

I’m working hard to deliver first version of a product, which is planned to be publicly released early 2015 (release date TBA), and will require PHP 5.4+ & MySql 5+. Application backend is written in Yii Framework, which I’m successfully rockin’ since it’s first release; on frontend side we have a web client built with Backbone/Marionette.js as it’s base. I’m considering adding Node.js (optional?) support later down the road, but at this point it is not planned. I will definitely write another blog post about this.

Please, head to Github for available documentation — I will be releasing more stuff as I go on. One last thing to mention is at this stage Brainfock is a hobby project, and I’m dedicated to it.

For development & advanced deployment, project uses quite a few solutions: Composer for PHP dependency, NPM/Bowel for web-client libraries, Grunt for production deployment.

I will try to keep updates on this blog going, but please excuse me if you will not find new post for couple of days or weeks – the main goal is ready product and public release.

Project Issues Master-Detail view
Project Issues Master-Detail view

Follow Brainfock on Facebook, Twitter and fork me on Github to be the first one to get the source.

Sergii ‘Webkadabra’ Gamaiunov, project manager & author, webkadabra.com

Welcome Brainfock product blog

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